Workhorse Review

Workhorse WP plugin review

About Workhorse WP Plugin

By on May 19, 2016

What is Workhorse?

Workhorse is a wordpress plugin much like serpshaker or Source-flood with a much larger functionality. It allows for building tens of thousands of pages or posts instantly or over a drip feed. It doesn’t need a list of locations to work and simply builds the pages for you according to your specifications.

Workhorse vs Source-Flood

While Source-Flood is a good plugin in its own right there are a couple features of workhorse that make the sites it build much more natural. It allows for a drip feed of the pages it builds. This looks more natural than having hundreds of posts showing up immediately. Another thing that it does is it creates users to spread the posts or pages among. It is a bit unnatural for hundreds or thousands of posts to be made at the same time by one single user. It works with either posts or pages. This is another thing that flood doesn’t do. Flood will not work with posts, while this isn’t a big deal it does make the way siloing a site built with flood a bit more work.

Workhorse for Optimization

Workhorse has its own seo plugin type functionality so it allows for adjustments of the metadata to be optimized easily. With the sites I’ve built with Source-flood I had to use tricks like including the keyword (flood) in the first 140 characters and let the first sentence become the automatic metadata. While this worked Workhorse lets you build unique metadata which may help with click rates rather than using the first sentence.

Workhorse for Speed

I build out site with source-flood regularly to rank and rent them, as well as to sell. While I have the system down and can flood out a state, and build the silo system in about half an hour for each state. Workhorse will be soon making my life much easier. It is literally one click for what took me hours of work to do. I have a site I’ve been working on periodically trying to build out the entire continental US. This will literally build that site in one click.